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The most important skills to cultivate in your social media marketing department

The need for social media skills and social media advertising professionals is growing exponentially. If a brand doesn’t have a social media presence today, it’s likely to fall behind and lose out to competitors. 

More than 2.45 billion people use Facebook, millions also use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and 1 billion users can be found on YouTube. Clearly, ignoring social media knowledge leads to missed revenue and brand-building opportunities. For this reason, social media marketing knowledge is crucial. Suppose you’re considering a job in social media marketing or want to include social media site abilities in your repertoire as a digital marketer. In that case, certification is a great way to gain a solid foundation in the field. However, in addition to the skills you can learn through a certification program, there are other skills you must have to succeed in marketing. 

The 12 most important social media skills

1. Excellent communication

The initial social media skill you must have is communication. You must have good communication skills to represent a company and connect with its customers. You also need good communication skills to get along with colleagues, put your ideas and campaigns into words, and be your brand’s voice on a global stage!

2. Creativity 

One of the essential traits of social media marketing skills is creativity. Social media clients tend to unfollow a brand if the content shared is repetitive or boring. Social media marketers must constantly develop new and engaging ideas, creative initiatives, and campaigns to keep followers engaged. From interactive web content to contests to viral videos, social media marketers must devise innovative ways to stick out amongst the millions of others on social media. 

3. Writing skills

Although images and videos make up a large part of social media skills, writing also plays an important role. Whether you’re writing a post or sending off a tweet, writing is essential to a social media marketer’s job profile. If the headlines aren’t magnetic or engaging enough, likely, people won’t be motivated enough to click.

4. Content curation 

  • Content curation has always been an essential part of social media marketing skills, especially for businesses that don’t have the time to create a constant flow of content.
  • Content curation is an essential social media marketing skill because they need to know when and how to share and be familiar with content sources and audience preferences. 

5. Project management

As excellent multitaskers, social media marketers need good project management skills. They must create publishing plans, track contacts, and maintain social media profiles.

They must create reports, meet with designers and editors, manage ad budgets, and more. With good project management skills, the best social media managers keep track of all tasks and know when to publish content, what to schedule, and how to keep track of different conversations on social media.

6. The ability to learn

You already know that innovation is constantly changing, that new social media platforms are popping up, and that new features are regularly added to existing platforms, whether Instagram Reels or LinkedIn Stories. In addition to this change, consumer expectations can also change abruptly. A good social media marketer will readily learn as needed. 

7. Marketing 

Even though you use social media as a tool, you are still marketing. Marketing is one of the essential social media skills, and you require a solid understanding of basic advertising principles. You don’t require a marketing degree, but you need good basic marketing knowledge.

8. Flexibility

Modification is a constant in social media. It makes flexibility another indispensable social media skill! Great social media marketers can quickly adapt to a new situation or react to something that happens in the social media environment, good or bad.

9. Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking is next on the list of most important social media skills. Social media seems like just fun, but successful social media marketing needs a strategy. You can learn social media techniques as part of your education, but it assists to have a mind that functions that way too, and a natural ability for tactical thinking.  

10. Relationship building 

Social network marketers also need to reach out to influencers, making relationship building a critical skill to develop. 

11. Community management 

Take a close look at brands with a significant social media presence, and you’ll find they all have one thing in common: Community, an essential social media skill! Social media marketing must build connections and an online community to succeed.

12. Analytical skills 

You require to know if your marketing is working. And that’s why analytical skills are one of the most important and beneficial social media skills. You can learn how to review metrics and reports, but an analytical mind will help you make sense of all that data so you can make informed decisions instead of relying on assumptions.

Do you need to master all 12 skills to succeed as a social media marketer? Not necessarily. If you can master a few of them, you will succeed, especially if you also get formal training on which to build your career in social media marketing

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