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36 Marketing Tools & Services to Automate Your Business

Are you still looking for the best marketing tools and services to help you automate and grow your business?

Regardless of the industry, you’re in, the business has gone significantly digital in recent years.

Everyone from hairdressers to grandmothers has heard of digital marketing, and the market is crowded.

As a result, more and more SaaS marketing products have entered the market and will continue to do so.

According to a survey:

In 2022, there are over 8000 marketing tools to choose from, which all promise to make your marketing more effective.

Unfortunately, a Google search for the best tools and services to automate your business will bring up thousands of listings.

Most of them recommend the same tools over and over again.

This article will introduce you to some marketing tools and services that you may not be aware of.

Scaling your business can be a daunting task if you try to do everything yourself.

You must focus on what you are good at.

It was common to outsource or delegate tasks to staff or experts in the past.

Today, however, you have the option of automating your business with marketing tools and companies that provide automated marketing services.

With the right technology and a good service provider, you can streamline your marketing process and grow your company faster.

Best Marketing Tools & Services That Can Give You a Competitive Edge

Here are the top marketing tools and marketing services that make it possible for you


Regardless of your business, advertising is essential to building your brand and promoting your business. Here are three powerful tools to expand your options.

Captain Growth is an advertising tool that connects to your Facebook Ads and Google Adwords accounts and gives you tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of your campaigns.

The suggestions are based on artificial intelligence.

1. Revealbot

Revealbot automates ad management strategies for Google Ads and Facebook in a user-friendly interface.

With a two-week free trial and an out-of-the-box demo, Revealbot makes it easy for you to try out its automation service, optimize it for your specific advertising needs, and make an impact.

2. Adzooma

You can finally get the most out of your Google, Microsoft, and Facebook ads with this automated marketing service.

Adzooma is especially useful if you run multiple campaigns for one or more brands.

It also allows you to generate reports and automate routine tasks.


Many people think of factory robots when they think of automation.

But there are terrific tools that can help you automate processes that you might not have even realized could be automated.

3. Phantom buster

Imagine the ease of use that puts massive data mining and automation at your fingertips.

Phantom Buster is a utility that lets you set up automated chains of actions, extract data and generate leads faster than ever before.


    • Like tweets on Twitter
    • Export Google Maps search results
    • Find a Linkedin profile from a list of email addresses
    • and much more.

Browsing through their automation store will surely kick off your creativity.

4. Parabola

Parabola is also an automation tool that assists in consolidating and repeating marketing tasks.

The use of visual diagrams to create and manage recipes makes setting up automation very easy.

You can clean and process data, build CRM workflows, automate e-commerce, send timely metrics reports, etc.

5. Workflow

If you’re an Apple user and like to save time, this app is for you.

Why automate your marketing tasks when you can also put them on autopilot?

The best features of your favorite apps are now packed into a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

Workflow is a work-life app that lets you run workflows in the background without lifting a finger.

Content Creation

You’ve heard it time and time again that content is king.

But it’s easier said than done to develop high-quality, SEO-driven content that provides value to your audience. Here are some tools that can change that.

6. Matcha

Are you a blogger but have limited time?

Do you need to write and update blogs and blog posts every day?

Matcha allows you to easily and quickly publish new articles that attract more traffic and grow your email list.

It simplifies the content marketing process and can save you a lot of time.


Content is king. You’ve heard it a million times, and you’re hearing it again because it’s more accurate than ever.

But how much time do you have to produce content when you have to maintain accounts, manage employees and keep an eye on your bottom line? Not very much.

That’s why services like are excellent for simplifying content creation.

8. Perfect time

You may not necessarily be a wordsmith, but neither can you hire one.

Fortunately, technology is already pretty good at spotting grammar and spelling errors.

Tools like Perfect Tense and Grammarly help you proofread your website content while you’re out and about and save you hours.

9. Descript

Descript is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to save time when creating and editing a podcast.

But this is not just an excellent tool for podcasters.

If you write every day, you may notice something in your fingers. They hurt.

With Descript, you can transcribe, record, edit, mix, revise and rewrite as quickly as you get new ideas.

It also has “um” detection, search, and other features that will blow you away.

It is well worth a try.

Content Promotion

Today, much of online marketing is based on creating quality content.

But if no one sees that content, it might as well not exist. Here are three excellent utilities to help you drive needed traffic to your online content.

10. QuuuPromote

QuuuPromote is a platform that connects content creators with people who want to share quality content on their social channels.

Who can blame them? It’s pretty hard to keep up with Gary V and publish 100 posts a day!

With the help of promotion, you can promote your content across hundreds of reputable social media channels and post content from other users.

However, not all content is accepted, so you need to ensure it’s well written.

11. StoryChief

Do you work with a team of editors, researchers, and proofreaders to create quality articles every week?

How much faster could you create content if communication was instantaneous? A lot, right?

With StoryChief, interactive collaboration happens spontaneously and in real-time. When you’re done creating content, you can publish it to multiple channels with a single click.

12. Content specialist

Attracting quality traffic to your content through traditional PPC campaigns can be very expensive.

But if you’ve already invested hours or hundreds of dollars into creating content, you shouldn’t leave it on your blog where most people will never read it.

On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense to share it once on your company’s Facebook page.

Content Wonk is a content promotion service that uses the same strategies used by top content marketers to get your high-quality content in front of the right people.

Conversational marketing

The term “conversational marketing” was coined by Drift and described as a feedback-driven marketing approach. The goal is to engage potential customers in conversation, not ask them to sign up or fill out a contact form.

Numerous providers have entered the market in the past year, but they can become quite expensive over time.

13. Notify

People talk (and sometimes complain) about your business online.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to capture these conversations on Reddit, Twitter, etc.

Notify solves this problem and sends you a message in your preferred Slack channel every time someone mentions your brand or keywords.

You can then contact them and promote your content.


Want to feel like a boss with a personal assistant without hiring someone? will take your email correspondence and schedule a meeting with your business contacts.

Just tell Amy to contact you and mention her in the email.

She knows your calendar and will set up a meeting at a moment’s notice.

The other person won’t even notice that you’re emailing AI.

15. Mobile monkey

Messaging apps are usually the most used apps on our phones and the ones we pay the most attention to.

MobileMonkey helps you tap into Facebook Messenger’s 1.3 billion-user audience and send automated messages.

It also allows you to run ads on Facebook and create a list of Messenger subscribers, allowing you to send them broadcast messages later.


Visual content is significant these days.

People judge books by their covers, and design is essential to build a brand, attract people and keep them on your website.

You probably don’t need to spend hours learning Photoshop anymore.

These tools and services can save you hours every week.

16. RelayThat

Consistency is the key to building a brand that people recognize and love.

However, creating multiple versions of banner ads and social media posts can be time-consuming.

With RelyThat, you can speed up the process with automatic adjustments and design options for each channel.

RelyThat manages all your brand assets and even helps you with headline ideas.

17. The right inbox

If you use Gmail for work, a tool like Right Inbox is necessary.

With this inbox add-on, it’s much easier to Send emails later

One-click access to templates, Sending emails to people who have not replied, Set reminders for follow-up

Add personal notes to emails so that no one else can see them but you.

This email marketing tool can save time and increase the number of replies for those involved in sales and marketing.

18. Find-that-lead

Finding someone’s email address can be time-consuming without the right tool.

FindThatLead allows you to get a monthly list of verified email addresses of your ideal customers.

Simply upload the URLs of your company’s website domain and social profiles in bulk, and the tool will find these leads for you.

19. DripScripts

This free email marketing resource is worth its weight in gold if you don’t know how to write a sequence of emails with a high conversion rate.

Developed by Bryan Harris of (formerly Videofruit), where you can also find other great free marketing tools.

DripScripts offers you a plug-and-play solution to quickly create sales and marketing emails using proven formulas.

Marketing metrics

If you don’t know what works, you can’t determine what works well, which is a problem if you don’t know what doesn’t work.

This is where marketing measurement tools can make a big difference.

20. SunriseKPI

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. But not everyone is a data scientist at heart.

SunriseKPI sends you an email every morning to let you know where you’re doing well and where you’re falling short.

Brian Kesel (also the creator of AudienceOps and ProcessKit) built SunriseKPI for business owners who don’t want to log into 100 marketing tools every day but want to have an overview of everything at a glance.

21. Zapier

Zapier is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps—no code necessary. When an event happens in one app, Zapier can tell another app to perform (or do) a particular action.


  • Tasks you have to do frequently. Example: Sending a weekly reminder to your team to fill out a meeting agenda.
  • Anything where you have to move information from one app to another. Example: Adding tasks from a project management app into your to-do list app.
  • Tasks that don’t require much thinking. Example: Copying the emails of event attendees to a spreadsheet.

22. SuperMetrics

Are you struggling to have an overview of all your marketing campaign metrics?

You’re probably rolling out your ads in multiple places and posting organic content on social media.

Losing track of metrics can cost you thousands of dollars, so knowing what’s working and how profitable your ads are is critical.

SuperMetrics is the ultimate automated tool for PPC, SEO, social, and web metrics.

Custom dashboards can be created in Google Sheets, Excel, and Google Data Studio.

These measurement tools aren’t cheap, but if you’re going to spend a lot of money on marketing, you need to make sure you spend it well.

Public Relations

Public relation is an integral part of your branding efforts. PR is about news, organic audience reactions, and how your company communicates with people.

The following marketing tools can help you do more PR and do it better.

23. Hunting journalists

Finding and communicating with journalists is time-consuming and can also be quite frustrating.

The first step is to find journalists who have written on similar topics.

Then you need to find their email address and You need to develop a compelling message to encourage them to write about your story.

“Press Hunt makes this easy by giving you access to a database of over 550,000 journalists and 200,000 podcasts and handles the outreach for you.

24. Answer

Farzad Rashidi, Marketing Director, implemented a content marketing strategy that helped the company gain 4 million users in a few years.

The team thus developed its PR tool that helped them find great articles and contact their authors.

“Responder is a set of several tools that would generally cost more if purchased separately.

Marketing with links

There is no better advertising than a quality recommendation from a trusted and qualified source. The following marketing tools and services can help you start your link marketing efforts.

24. GrowSurf

“GrowSurf makes it easy to launch a new website or tap into an existing audience with significant momentum.

With just two lines of code, you can launch your link program and decide how to reward your supporters.

25. Luego

We all know that we need to ask for feedback and recommendations more often.

But most entrepreneurs and vendors feel uncomfortable asking for recommendations or simply forget about it.

Luego solves this problem by automating the process and allowing you to ask for customer feedback on autopilot.


The #1 metric for any growth-oriented organization is the number of sales.

These marketing tools will help you convert more leads into paying customers.

26. Bonsai

More for freelancers and small agencies, Bonsai helps you get money faster.

Invoicing clients, writing contracts, and then chasing the money is usually a futile pursuit.

Especially if you’re the more creative type.

27. Leadworx

You probably log into your Google Analytics account every day to see how many people have visited your website.

Unfortunately, you only get a blind number that tells you nothing about who might be a potential customer.

Leadworx sheds light on your website visitors and identifies the companies and decision-makers who visit your website.

Add these contacts to your CRM, send drip campaigns, connect with them on Linkedin retarget them with display ads or customize your website.

This is a great way to increase your website conversions even if you have low traffic but high CLTV.

28. CompanyHub

Every salesperson knows that only a tiny portion of their working hours is usually dedicated to selling and building relationships with potential customers.

Studies show that they spend only 32.5% of their time selling.

CompanyHub wants to change that and help salespeople automate tedious and repetitive tasks.


According to Forbes, the SEO industry continues to grow, and by 2020, US companies alone will spend $80 billion on SEO services.

However, it’s nearly impossible to rank higher in Google search and outrank your competitors without specific marketing techniques.

Here are some tools you may not have heard of:


The problem with most SEO tools is that you still need to know how to use them, understand the data, and take action.

It’s not enough to just know that a keyword can easily rank. You need to know how to optimize your content and build links to it. provides the software to do this yourself and offers a service that helps you manage your content strategy on autopilot.

30. Dibz 

The cornerstone of every SEO strategy is link building.

Unfortunately, this is also the most time-consuming and challenging part.

Dibz helps you find and evaluate link-building opportunities so you can focus on the ones with the most significant growth potential.

31. HothVideo

Not only is the popularity of the second biggest search engine, ‘YouTube’ makes video one of the key marketing strategies in the following years.

Also, Google started to prefer web pages that include videos.

However, not everybody is a born movie star and excellent in front of the camera.

Luckily, there is a service for that.

HothVideo creates stunning SEO-optimized videos for you and your brand.

Social Media

In 2022, most people spent 144 minutes per day on social media.

And that number only seemed to increase since then.

Therefore, there is no doubt that most businesses would benefit immensely from a more prominent social media presence.

Unfortunately, managing and growing your social accounts is extremely time-intensive without guaranteeing success.

If you agree, these social media marketing tools can be a game-changer for you.

32. Kicksta

Many Instagram automation bots spam strangers with weird comments and spammy image likes.

Out of all these tools, Kista is one of the most established providers with a professional approach to growing your Instagram channel over time.

33. ProspectIn

Linkedin is one of the most promising social networks for 2020 and beyond.

After the acquisition by Microsoft, Linkedin became more social and benefited content creators with audience reach that they hadn’t seen on other social networks for a very long time.

As the #1 network for professionals and business leaders, it gives you a massive opportunity to connect with your target customer.

But manually sending out contact requests can take away a big chunk of your working day.

Marketing tools like ProspectIn allow you to grow your professional network on autopilot.

34. Lempod

What Kicksta is for Instagram is Lempod for Linkedin.

This innovative tool helps you like and get likes from fellow Linkedin contacts.

It is different from an Instagram bot because it lets you create or join groups (pods) of people who share similar quality content.

Once you or someone in your pod posts on Linkedin, Lempod automatically likes and comments on these posts on behalf of the other people in the pod.

Of course, you can customize the settings so you don’t comment on something inappropriate.

35. Make

Make allows you to create, build, and automate workflows visually. Use the playful drag-and-drop interface to connect apps in a few clicks, and build limitless workflows called scenarios. Set your scenarios to run instantly or per schedule, or watch the scenario run in real-time whenever you need.

Best For

Entrepreneurs, small-mid size companies, and enterprises. System administrators, IT engineers, geeks, and everyday users all apply!

36. Workato

Workato is a fantastic automation tool. It is excellent at automating tasks and business processes for nearly every department within an organization, which is one of the core reasons businesses adopt it.


Workato helps you automate business workflows across cloud and on-premises apps. For example, automate quote-to-cash business processes, which may involve transferring data between apps such as Salesforce, Netsuite,, and Apttus.

Which Marketing Tools & Services Will Help You Scale Your Business in 2022?

The number of marketing tools and services you can find online can be overwhelming. Your choice depends on your marketing strategy, business model, marketing budget, and personal preferences.

As a general rule, recommend spending money only if it will help you grow your business in the short or long term.

In this case, it’s the same with your advertising spending. Don’t spend money on ads that don’t give you a positive return on investment.

Hope you found this article valuable, and it may have introduced you to some incredible marketing tools and services that can make your business and life more manageable.

We’re here to help you build a successful business online peacefully. By providing you with the tools, systems, templates, support, and training needed to automate, succeed and scale without complexity, chaos, or stress. Contact us at Appledew today.